💁What is UniBazaar?

UniBazaar Free Marketplace

UniBazaar is a new generation of WEB3 free marketplace on Aptos.

Currently, you can use UniBazaar to meet the following trading needs:

  • Exchange of several NFTs and COINs

  • Exchange of several NFTs with NFTs

  • Exchange of several COINs for COINs

  • Donate some assets to the specified wallet address

  • Receive assets from a specified wallet address

  • Temporarily store assets in the market

Compared with NFT Marketplace, SWAP and other tools, UniBazaar has many features:

  • Completely free: Free of exchange fees (only for APass members), Free of royalties

  • Peer-to-peer: Private transactions, only interact with friends, support specified addresses for gifting / receiving

  • Multi-Asset Trading: Support multi-asset to multi-asset portfolio transactions

  • Secured Transactions: Asset whitelist, strict fraud prevention, transparent process

Why not use traditional NFT Marketplace to trade?

  • Costly: Usually the transaction party needs to pay many fees of 2.5%-15%

  • Low efficiency: If the price is not right, the transaction usually needs to wait for a long time, and the price is repeatedly revised during the period, causing the asset to be idle for a long time.

Why not use a wallet to trade?

  • Fraud, Scam A seller or buyer could be deceiving you with what appears to be fake assets. Since there is no authoritative intermediary, there may be a bad situation where the other party disappears without trading after the assets are issued.

  • Difficult to use Usually, the NFT transaction function attached to the wallet requires both parties to use the same wallet to realize

  • Management Difficulties Usually, wallets don't have transaction logs. This makes it difficult to track and analyze the status of many transactions.

UniBazaar perfectly solves the above problems.

After holding an APass domain name, you can become a free member, and you can immediately enjoy completely free, safe and fast transactions of any asset.

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