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Quick Start

> Create your Aptos account

If you are new to aptos, first you need a wallet to create an account. Use the faucet to get some APT coins, to pay for your domain name registration.

> What wallet should I use?

> Can I trade my domain in NFT Market?

Of course. Try listed it in Topaz or Souffl3.

> How to set my profiles picture (avatar) ?

First, you should set the primary domain binding on your wallet address.
Then, on the avatar field of the primary domain, fill in your avatar image url and save it.

> What is WEB2 Domain name?

When you register a xxx.apt in APass, you will get a domain name in Web2.
If you use Devnet, the web2 domain will be
​Then, you can set a IP Address at "DNS / A Record", and put some html files in the server to make a http website.

> Can I create a Decentralized website using my APass domain?

  • First, Upload your website files to IPFS, and get the CID.
  • Second, Fill CID into the `IPFS CID` field of the domain, save it.
  • Now you can use the web2 domain to visit it.
If you are going to use IPFS CID, keep the CNAME and A record are empty.