🤝Refer & Earn

Refer your Friends to APass and earn up to 20% commission on every new register.

  • Anyone can become a promoter, as long as you apply for a invitation code, you don't need to register a domain name yourself

  • After the promoters meet the upgrade performance, click the upgrade button to increase the rebate ratio

  • Invitation codes can only be used when registering a new domain name. Subdomains and renewals cannot be used.

You can send the invitation code QR Code pictrue to your friends through social media or others IM app.

If your friends visit the website through your invitation link, it will automatically fill in the invitation code when your friend on the register page.

Please note: you can only receive benefits if your friend fills invitation code in correctly during registration.

LevelConditionYour BenefitsHelp your Friends



Get 5% commission

5% off discount


Qualified orders ≥ 10

or amount ≥ 100 $APT

Get 10% commission

10% off discount


Qualified orders ≥ 50

or amount ≥ 500 $APT

Get 15% commission

10% off discount


Qualified orders ≥ 200

or amount ≥ 2000 $APT

Get 20% commission

10% off discount

Unable to use your own invitation code to register a domain name for yourself.

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