🏦$APC Treasury

$APC Tresury Address


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$APC Treasury has the following sources of income:

  • Whenever the user is in MINT $APC, an additional 50%(Temporarily, it will be reduced to 20% after the liquidity conditions are met) of APC will be minted and entered into the treasury.

  • The $APC for domain name upgrades will also be included in the treasury.

$APC treasury will only be used for the following purposes:

  • Build the liquidity of CEX or DEX

  • After completing the liquidity construction, reward the holders of $PAS governance tokens.

The current initial value of the treasury is about 11640 $APC. These $APCs are the cumulative total of the user's previous consumption for upgrading the domain name.

It will not circulate the $APC in the treasury, such as selling $APC or transfer.

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