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Stake & Farm

Stake some coins and get rewards.
If you have some NFTs of APass, according to the settings of different pools, you can insert them at any time to increase the speed of your rewards.
The stake of APass may be a general Token or an LP Token.
Reward calculations
Generel Stake APR is simple, You stake some coin and get reward coin.
LP Farm APR calculations include both:
  • LP rewards APR earned through providing liquidity from Swap Pool ( Pancake, AnimeSwap, etc)
  • Farm base rewards APR earned staking LP Tokens in the Farm.
Unlock Time
When you add some stake coin to the Pool, there will be a lock-up period. During this period, you cannot withdraw the staked tokens. However, you can still claim, insert and pullout NFT. Adding more stakes will reset the lockup period.
NFT Boost
The most exciting feature of APass Stake Pool is the ability to insert NFT cards to accelerate.
Usually, you can insert APass Domain, Medal NFT to speed up your rewards.
Higher-tier domains get even greater speed bonuses. Each type of NFT has an insertion limit.
Domain Type
Boost Speed Scale
3 Chars Domain
4 Chars Domain
5 Chars Domain
6 and More Chars Domain
Apter Medal NFTs are also able to be inserted into the pool for an extremely high speed boost.
We will also cooperate with many NFT ecosystems, so that NFT holders can increase speed in APass Stake.