⛏️Domain Minter

Each domain name can mint $APC oncetime for every 24 hours. The amount of rewards is determined by one's own generation, and the top-level parent domain name length.


3 char

1.0 $APC

0.4 $APC

0.1 $APC(feedback)

0.2 $APC 0.05 $APC(feedback)

4 char

0.8 $APC

0.32 $APC 0.08 $APC(feedback)

0.16 $APC 0.04 $APC(feedback)

5 char

0.6 $APC

0.24 $APC 0.06 $APC(feedback)

0.12 $APC 0.03 $APC(feedback)

6+ char

0.4 $APC

0.16 $APC 0.04 $APC(feedback)

0.08 $APC 0.02 $APC(feedback)

The mathematical formula MINT_ONE_DAY = ( 0.2 * ( 8 - MIN( 6, DOMAIN_LENGTH ) ) ) / POW( 2, GEN )

If it is not a ZERO domain name (subdomain or grandchild domain), 20% of these rewards will be fed back to the father.

To participate in "Domains Minter", you need to

  1. Have a Passport domain name on the mainnet.

  2. Enter the NFT CARD tab of the My Domains interface, collecting your $APC once a day.

  3. It is worth mentioning that you can increase the number of purchased subdomains by upgrading your domain name. Subdomains also have minting rights, and each subdomain will return a portion of $APC to the main domain after each collecting. Note: The number of collectable $APC per day is not cumulative, collecting daily would be ideal.

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